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We help transform people, organizations, and global awareness through the wisdom of mindfulness.

Secular Breath Meditation
Secular Breath Meditation
Turning Judgment Into Loving Kindness
Turning Judgment Into Loving Kindness
USA Today – Mindfulness + Tech
USA Today – Mindfulness + Tech

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Aram means “peace ” in Persian. The number “3” refers to three dimensions of being human: physical + mental + spiritual.

  1. On-line Mindful Living classes
  2. Mindfulness-based coaching [on-line & in-person]
  3. UCLA Classes
  4. Workplace Mindfulness Practices
  5. Keynote speaking
  6. Contemplative art viewing/crating

To benefit fully from mindfulness in an urban & practical setting, we need both the wisdom traditions of the East, and the practical​ tools & techniques of the West. At aram3, we combine Eastern wisdom practices with Western coaching/teaching/consulting experience. Our clients choose us because we help them transform their lives from the inside out, with lasting results.