On-line Secular Mindfulness Classes

If you can’t/don’t want to go to a class, we can bring the class to you. All you need is a computer, or compatible cell phone, an Internet connection…and of course an open mind.

We provide on-line secular mindfulness meditation classes, both live and recorded. You may choose to participate in our live classes if the timing of the class works for you. Or, you can purchase the recorded version if you need more flexibility. Our classes are available to people around the globe.

Our classes are designed to support you in developing and sustaining your mindfulness practice in simple practical ways. We don’t just teach mindfulness meditation, we share with you practical applications of mindfulness in everyday life— mindful eating, mindful speaking, mindful driving, to name a few. These applications are easy to learn, and easy to apply, even if you know little or nothing about mindfulness when you start.

Each class is 60-minutes long, and consists of meditation practices + review of the previous week’s lesson & introduction of the new one + Q & A. Register for our 6-week class even if you’re not sure, and if you feel that it is not for you after the first class, we will refund the rest of your money.

Mindfulness 101

This is an excellent place to wet your feet and learn about the foundation of mindfulness. You’ll learn how to develop a mindfulness meditation practice, and how to apply mindfulness in your daily life. Great class for beginners to start their practice and for experienced practitioners to rejuvenate their practice.

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Mindful Aging

Mindful aging is about  kind acceptance & awareness of our present experience of aging in order to enhance our physical, mental and emotional well-being. In this course we will examine our existing beliefs, assumptions & cultural narratives, and provide tools to participants to experience  this natural flow of life with a deeper sense of awareness, appreciations, and wonder.  Through befriending our aging process we can directly & positively participate in our experience of being alive! Since all of us are aging, this course is open to people of all ages.

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Mindfulness & Intimacy

True intimacy with another begins with knowing one’s self.  Self-intimacy, intimacy with life, and intimacy with another are interconnected. The word intimate is derived from the Latin word, intimatus, which means: to make known, to know, or to affect deeply.  Mindfulness in its essence– presence, awareness, and acceptance—is a kind of moment-by-moment intimacy, a way of becoming intimate with our own experience. Self-intimacy offers us an opportunity to connect with others based on “knowing & observing”, instead of “needing & judging”. In this class we learn intimacy with self leads to intimacy with others—friends, colleagues, family, and of course, romantic partners.

You do not need to be in a romantic relationship (or a mindfulness practitioner) to partake in this class.  Couples, as well as individuals interested in cultivating intimacy as a way of more deeply relating to everyday life, are invited to join. Intimacy is an everyday affair. It is special, but it doesn’t have to be rare.

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Self-judgment and self-criticism has become an unhealthy norm in our world. People of all ages and backgrounds suffer from ongoing harmful thoughts of “I am not enough”, “I hate my…”, “I am the only one…”. In this class we learn how to work with these thoughts and habits, and how to use mindfulness techniques to change these painful patterns through self-compassion while gaining wisdom from our experiences in life.

This is a very potent class. We encourage you to take Mindfulness 101 – or join us if you have a consistent daily meditation practice – before taking this class.

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