Workplace Mindfulness Practices

“Workplace Mindfulness Practices” (WMP) is the signature program of aram3. This is an in-house and/or on-line training which lays the foundation for employees to learn the principles of mindfulness, and apply them in their workplace on an ongoing basis, while developing a personal mindfulness practice.

The purpose of this program is to help employees establish a healthier relationship with themselves, their work & their workplace, reduce absenteeism, and increase personal and organizational health, creativity and productivity.

WMP is not merely taking awareness & mindfulness to the workplace, it is a successful marriage of the two, an applied awareness toolkit that allows you to mindfully interact with yourself and others as well as all aspects of the job.

This program is the fruit of decades of teaching Eastern mindfulness practices combined with decades of Western corporate training/coaching experience.

Lasting between half to two days, or weekly 20-30 minutes sessions, we can introduce mindfulness into your organization. Sessions begin with a short guided meditation, and then zero in on one targeted mindful workplace practice. Our program covers such topics as Mindful Meetings, Mindful Technology, Mindful To Do Lists, Peaceful Communication, and many others.

You can also order a tailor-made WMP program based on your unique organizational wants & needs, the duration and the format of which depends on your specifications.